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Join the Green Team

The role of the Rhode Island College green team identifies green initiatives for campus implementation and promotes initiatives already taking place. Another goal of this team is to generate student interest in forming a Green student organization.

Here are the green team's accomplishments for 2010/2011:

  • Supported the establishment of new bicycle-friendly campus policy and installation of racks and stands.
  • Established the Green Team blog: Outside Link
  • Co-sponsor of the Green-Up, Clean-Up annual events held on September 25, 2010 and September 17, 2011(120+ RIC staff, students, and area neighbors volunteered to help clean litter and debris from around campus)
  • Coordinated a clothing/food drive that benefitted needy students in the Outreach Programs and refugees being assisted by the International Institute of Rhode Island.
  • Co-sponsor of the 2011 Earth Day Celebration: Ten Thousand Acts of Green
    • Guest speaker Glenn Bachman: Green Economy and the Future Workforce
    • Established annual Green Team Award to recognize a person, program, or office that has contributed in an outstanding way to RIC's green and sustainability efforts
      • President Carriuolo selected as the 2011 recipient
      • Planted a Giant Sequoia tree to commemorate President Carriuolo's receipt of the Green Team Award. Tree will be identified on the Campus Tree Tour.
    • Adams Lib-Guide: Earth Day & Green Living; Prepared by Debra Thomson (visit at: Outside Link; Guide Topics: Earth Day & Green Living, Earth Day 2011, Library Resources on Environmental Topics; Resources for Green Living; Nature in Poetry; Environmental Careers
    • Other sponsors: Adams Library Public Relations Committee, Career Development Center, Friends of Adams Library, Henry Barnard School, The President's Office, and Student Union.

Green and Sustainability Curriculum

  • Survey and report on existing RIC courses with green/sustainability content completed November 2010 by Greg Kniseley
  • Courses offered:
    • Green Business Management Certificate Program
    • Green Business Practices
    • The Teaching and Practice of Environmental Sustainability
  • Courses/certificates/programs under development:
    • Certificate of Continuing Study in Green Enterprise Management with Glenn Bachman
    • Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Sustainability Studies with Charlie McLaughlin
    • Host spring 2012 Sustainable Communities Initiative and speaker program with Jed Greenburg
    • Working with Apeiron Institute on the development of an innovative full-time, college-credit-bearing Sustainability Semester that would engage students from across the U.S. in experiential and academic learning in various facets of sustainability, including sustainable agriculture, residential energy efficiency, environmental considerations in low-income urban neighborhoods, youth programs on environmental sustainability through after-school lessons in Providence schools, and academic coursework in a variety of disciplines.

Other Initiatives

  • Coordinated a clothing/food drive that benefitted needy students in the Outreach Programs and refugees being assisted by the International Institute of Rhode Island
  • Provided RIC students with free transportation and tours of Apeiron Institute's Coventry campus that is a model for eco-friendly sustainable living (Outside Link
  • Presented at the Sustainable Schools Summit in partnership with the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living (

2012 Highlights

  • Rhode Island College will host the 2012 Sustainable Schools Summit – October, 2012
  • Arrival of Zip Cars to Rhode Island College ( - February, 2012
  • Urban and Community Farming educational series will be rolling out in spring 2012
  • Beehives (2) donated and maintained by the Rhode Island Beekeeper's Association will be coming to campus this spring. These hives will serve as a demonstration project to complement continuing education programming.
  • Planning is underway for the 2012 Farmer's Market
  • Participating in the Neighborhood Community Neighborhood Forum sponsored by the Apeiron Institute for Sustainable Living – March, 2012

Print Conservation Campaign

  • Don't print that document!
  • Recycle print cartridges
  • Recycle computers and electronics

Cell Phone Bin May Save a Life!

Efforts to place a receptacle in the Student Union for old and no longer used mobile phones will help those in need and continue RIC's "green" initiatives.

For more information please visit:
Outside Link

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