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Meet Some of Our Recent Graduates

Listed below are just some of our many successful graduates. Interested in learning about more RIC alums? The Teaching English as a Second Language Program also maintains a feature on recent graduates from its program.

photo of Julie York

Julie York
B.A., Film Studies, 2010; M.A. Art, concentration in Media Studies, 2016

photo of Elizabeth Sanfilippo
Elizabeth Sanfilippo
B.A., History/ Secondary Education, 200​7; M. Ed., Special Education, 2016
photo of Alexandra Puleo
Alexandra Puleo
M.Ed., Urban Multicultural Special Education; ESL certification, 2016
photo of Michelle Ela
Michelle Ela
M.Ed., Special Education, 2016

photo of Kai Schwertner
Kai Schwertner
M.A.T., Elementary Education, 2016
photo of Kristen Wilkinson
Kristen Wilkinson
B.A, Psychology, 2014; M.A., Psychology, May 2016
photo of Andrew Miller
​Andrew Miller
M.A., Mathematics, 2014
photo of Elliott P. Buelter
Elliott P. Buelter
M.S.W., 2016
photo of Gabe Morrison
Gabe Morrison
M.A., English (Creative Writing), 2016
photo of Adele Janik
Adele Janik
B.A., Political Science; M.S.W., Social Work
photo of Karen Schaefer
Karen Schaefer
B.A., Nursing; M.A., Nursing
photo of Angelina M. O’Brien
Angelina M. O’Brien
M.A., Agency Counseling, 2011; C.A.G.S., 2014
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Angelina M. O'Brien, M.A., Agency Counseling, 2011; C.A.G.S., 2014

In 2011, Angelina earned a Master's Degree in Agency Counseling with a specialization in Co-occurring Disorders. Engrossed by her studies, she persisted as a student at RIC, enrolling in the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) in Mental Health Counseling. While completing this credential, she continued to gain skill as a Master's Level Counselor, working with a diverse range of clients in a private practice. In 2014, she received her CAGS and became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the State of Rhode Island.

"The CAGS in Mental Health Counseling provided me with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing field of human services as well as the capability to apply what I have learned to a number of settings. It allowed me to utilize my skills beyond my field of study and I now focus much of my work on higher education research. My experience at Rhode Island College has been invaluable and I owe much of my success to the amazing faculty in the program."

Angelina is also the Director of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment at Bristol Community College. In fall 2013, she co-taught a graduate level l Higher Education Research course through Eastern Nazarene College.

Christine Spicola
M.Ed., Health Education, 2014
photo of Eric J. Ricci
Eric J. Ricci
MA Biology, 2013
photo of Joise Gil

"The School of Social Work became my second home...because my classmates and teachers became like a family."

Joise Gil
Masters in Social Work, 2013
photo of Michelle Rabideau

"Rhode Island College is the school where students are noticed."

Michelle Rabideau
M.A. T, Mathematics, 2014
photo of Christina Sales

"At RIC, students are able to build relationships with the faculty. They become mentors and colleagues who…offer guidance and knowledge to help you overcome whatever challenge you may be facing."

Christina Sales
M.A., Psychology, 2011
photo of Amanda McGill (Welch)

"As a graduate student at Rhode Island College, I received the one-on-one mentorship that I had missed at my undergraduate institution."

Amanda McGill (Welch)
M.A. Psychology, 2014
photo of Rob Couture
Rob Couture
MMEd, 2014
photo of Janis Hall
Janis Hall
B.A. Biology 2011, M.A. Biology 2013
photo of Jessica Matook

"Working full time while pursing my master's degree was not always easy, but I thrived on the motivation and support from my family, friends, co-workers, peers and professors."

Jessica Matook
Masters of Social Work, 2014
photo of Nilson Silva<
Nilson Silva
Nilson Silva, M.Ed., Teaching English as a Second Language, 2016
photo of Jorge A. Vargas

"Professors made time to speak with me individually whenever I was struggling with materials and those interactions always left me feeling like they were invested in my growth."

Jorge A. Vargas
MSW, 2014
photo of David Upegui

" [My teachers at RIC] were much more than teachers, they were pivotal in my life, in making me who I am. When I teach, they are teaching through me."

David Upegui, M.A, Biology, 2003
Winner of 2013 Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence

photo of Kevin San

"An accounting student may be very smart and studious, but networking with other professionals could be the thing that lands them a job."

Kevin San, M.P.Ac., 2013
photo of Patricia Rakovic

"Do you yearn for an environment where you are challenged to stretch yourself intellectually, where you are exposed to new ideas that you use in your job the following day?"

Patricia Rakovic, C.G.S. 2010
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism Education, 2010.
photo of Robert A. Rocchio

The C.G.S. in Autism Education program was what I like to refer to as “a forever life changing experience.”

Robert A. Rocchio, C.G.S.
Certificate of Graduate Studies in Autism Education, 2012.
photo of Yanaiza Gallant
Yanaiza Gallant, M.Ed.,2012
Master of Education in Reading, 2012
photo of Sonnie Kpangbai

"Now that this day has finally come, I can only hope for those moments that will change the world through my willingness and enthusiasm to do what I believe is right and what makes a great leader"

Sonnie Kpangbai, 2012
Master of Education in Educational Leadership
photo of Kenneth Best
Kenneth Best, M.P.Ac., 2010
Master of Professional Accountancy
photo of Rick Stattler

"I found all the faculty to be devoted to the craft of teaching."

Rick Stattler, M.A., History, 1999
Master of Arts in History
photo of Alexander Nanni

"The M.Ed. in TESL program at RIC exceeded my expectations"

Alexander Nanni, M.Ed., 2009
Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language
photo of Maria Cimini

"Working full time while attending graduate school part time was definitely a challenge but I found the professors and my classmates to be a great system of support throughout my studies."

Maria Cimini, M.S.W., 2005
Master of Social Work
photo of John A. Walsh
John A. Walsh, Ph.D., 2008
RIC/URI Joint Ph.D. in Education
photo of David Weiss

"The atmosphere was cooperative rather than competitive."

David Weiss, M.A., 2009
Master of Arts in Mathematics
photo of Jesus R. Ortega

"The Accounting major allowed me to learn from the expertise and experiences of the faculty."

Jesus R. Ortega, M.P.Ac., 2006
Master of Professional Accountancy
photo of Sharon Galloway

"Why did I choose RIC? Simply stated, I wanted to pursue my education at a smaller school that provided an individualized learning environment."

Sharon Galloway, M.Ed., 2003, M.S.N., 2010
Master of Education in Health Education
Master of Science in Nursing

"The professors I met were brilliant and passionate. My fellow students brought a wide variety of backgrounds but a uniform level of commitment into the classroom."

Elizabeth Lundberg, M.A., 2009
Master of Arts in English
photo of Judah Lakin

"My degree from RIC gave me practical skills that I use every day."

Judah Lakin, M.Ed., 2009
Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language
photo of Greg Matos
Greg Matos, M.A., 2008
Master of Arts in Psychology
photo of Mary Jean Croft

"Friendships with classmates and the encouragement of faculty more than exceeded my expectations of the program."

Mary Jean Croft, M.S.N., 2010
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CSN) Program
Master of Science in Nursing
photo of Melinda Duquette
Melinda Duquette, M.A., 2008
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Xiaofang Lou, M.Ed., 2012
Master of Education in Teaching in a Second Language

"RIC had great teachers, challenging coursework and an atmosphere of self-directed learning."

Maureen Taylor, M.A., 1996
Master of Arts in History

"I believe that the quality of education received by students at RIC is of the highest caliber and draws upon both the traditional and most up-to-date tools, skills and methodologies."

Joseph Ferreira, M.A.T., 1996
Master of Arts in Teaching in History
Gerri August, Ph.D., 2009
RIC/URI Joint Ph.D
John T. Powers, M.A., 2011
Master of Arts in Agency Counseling

"I left each class with a figurative backpack full of information that was relevant to me, my school, my classroom, my students and I confidently brought it with me to school the very next day."

Kelly Healey, M.Ed., 2009
Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language

"The faculty are committed to student success and are always available to provide advice and guidance."

Susan DiBlasi, M.S.N., 2011
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CSN) Program
Master of Science in Nursing

"As an older student, I felt completely comfortable in the program, since there are students of all ages here."

Liz Trimbach, M.A., 2011
Master of Arts in English, Creative Writing

"Rhode Island College has offered me vital opportunities as a student and graduate assistant"

Michelle Valletta, M.A., 2012
Master of Arts in History

"The program for the Certificate of Graduate Studies in Mathematics Content Specialist: Elementary has been very powerful and has had a tremendously positive impact both personally and professionally"

Gina Kilday
Math Content Specialist: Elementary

"I was a non-traditional student – a mother, working full-time, in college because I wanted to be there, motivated and eager to learn."

Sheila Capece, M.S.W., 2005
Master of Social Work

"It is difficult for me to quantify how important Rhode Island College has been in my career as a teacher"

Roberto Garcia, 2012
URI/RIC Joint Ph.D. in Education

"I have nothing but respect and admiration for both the faculty and my colleagues at RIC"

Wayne Kilcline
M.M.Ed., 2004

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