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Dr. Moonsil Kim
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Dr. April Kiser
Program co-Director
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Global Studies Program

Global Studies

The major in Global Studies offers a rigorous multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary curriculum. It provides students with the methodological skills and knowledge to better understand and navigate our complex and rapidly changing world. Drawing on the perspectives of the humanities, social sciences and sciences, content courses in the Global Studies major explain and interpret the historical processes which produced today’s globalized world, and examine its cultural, political, social, economic, geographic, and ecological manifestations and interconnections.

The Global Studies major is an ideal complement to majors in the humanities, and social sciences. Students majoring in these areas will be able to major or minor in Global Studies because of its multidisciplinary framework. Students interested in adding a major or minor in Global Studies are to contact the Global Studies Program. Students choose a Global Studies Major or minor to complete their B.A. Students can easily complete the B.A. in Global Studies within the 120 credits graduation requirement.

Students will complete a 10-13 course major, depending on what they choose to fulfill specific requirements. Three of the courses are specific core courses and students will choose additional offerings from among courses listed in the following departments and programs:

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