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Writing in the Discipline (WID)

Writing in the Disciplines (WID) courses are designed to build on and extend the writing knowledge and skills students develop in First-Year Writing and other general education classes. Faculty who teach WID courses represent various disciplines across the curriculum. In WID courses students engage in disciplinary and professional forms of written communication that help them to learn both form and content. WID courses help students learn to engage in writing as a staged process, scaffolding assignments that move them from brainstorming and drafting to seeking and receiving feedback and revising and ultimately publishing. WID courses engage students in experiential learning with “write-to-learn” activities intended to help them learn course content through low-stakes writing assignments. 

To ensure that students learn to write in their disciplines, WID courses must be required within a major or program. Writing instruction need not be the sole content of WID courses, but it should be a portion of course requirements. Finally, WID courses are not included in the 40 credit hours of general education. 

To learn more about your major’s WID course requirements, visit the website of your department/program and click on the Writing in the Disciplines link. For further questions about WID at RIC, contact Dr. Michael Michaud, Writing Board, Chair (

Page last updated: April 14, 2021