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Joan Dagle

Gaige Hall (G) 150
(401) 456-8489
(401) 456-8106

Academic Background

B.A. Connecticut College
Ph.D. Brown University

Courses Taught

ENGL 116H Approaches To Film & Film Criticism
ENGL 206 Backgrounds in British Literature 1800-Present
ENGL 325 Literature And Film
ENGL 337 Topics In Aesthetics Of Film
ENGL 359 The 19th Century British Novel
ENGL 460 Seminar In Major Authors & Themes
ENGL 490 Directed Study
ENGL 531 Topics In British Literature 1660-1900
ENGL 590 Independent Study
FILM 221 History of Film II
FILM 351 Major Directors
FILM 352 Film Genres
FILM 390 Independent Study


Dr. Joan Dagle teaches in the English Department and the Film Studies Program. Her teaching interests include film narrative, film genres, and film theory. Her research interests encompass film narrative, and race and gender in film. Her article, "Linear Patterns and Ethnic Encounters in the Ford Western," was published in the book Ford Made Westerns (Ed. Matthew Bernstein and Gaylyn Studlar, Indiana University Press, 2001). She co-authored the article "The Repesentation of Race and Sexuality: Visual and Musical Constructions in Gone With the Wind" in the journal Post Script (13.2, 1994). ​​​

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