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Credential Review Pathway

Thank you for your interest in Rhode Island College’s Credential Review Pathway (CRP).

The Credential Review Pathway is one of the pathways for individuals seeking to re-issue their Expert Residency Preliminary Certificate, to add another certification, or renew a certificate that is more than five years expired.

If you can document the following pre-requisites, you are qualified for the RIC Credential Review Pathway:

RIC CRP allows prospective and current educators with a bachelor's degree, academic excellence (minimum GPA of 3.0), and “extensive teaching experience” in the desired certification area to achieve certification by working with Rhode Island College's Feinstein School of Education and Human Development. “Extensive teaching experience” is a full semester of supervised student teaching in the desired certification area (if you are recent graduate) or 270+ days of full-time desired professional teaching or 270+ days of full-time daily or long-term substitute teaching in the desired certification area. Work experience as a teacher assistant does not count. You need to be fully in charge of the class.

To determine whether RIC CRP is the best pathway for you to achieve the desired certification, click on this hyperlink to a Google Form (Survey) called “RIC CRP Potential Application Overview​.”

We will email our recommendation of the best pathway shortly after receiving the survey response – within a week. If you are recommended for RIC CRP as a pathway to certification, we will send you a URL to the FULL online application (different from the “RIC CRP Potential Application Overview”). The process of assessing the FULL online application with documentation can take up to 14 weeks after we receive a completed FULL online application and $150 application fee.

RIC CRP receives FULL online applications with documentation throughout the year. The process of assessing the online application with documentation can take up to 14 weeks after the date the online application is fully completed and the $150 fee has been received.

Faculty RIC CRP assessors are not expected to assess applications during the summer (May 15 - late August). Applications submitted between April 15 - June 3 will not be assessed until September 8. If you are applying for the re-issuance of an expert residency preliminary certificate (emergency certificate) and are required by RIDE to submit a CRP Status Form and Plan of Study as evidence of enrollment, we advise that you submit your CRP application materials and $150 fee no later than February 6 to prepare for the August 31 deadline. The Status Form and Plan of Study should be assessed by May 15.

For more information, email Dr. Christine Kunkel, Liaison, RIC CRP at​​​​​​

Page last updated: December 18, 2018