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Workshop Descriptions

Hands on training for faculty

Ribbon/Word 2007

Learn how to use the new Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon and learn what has changed frm Word 2003 to Word 2007

PowerPoint 2007

Learn what has changed from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 including how to easily reuse slides from another presentation, work with objects and SmartArt graphics, and more.

Word 2008 Level 1 for the MAC

Get a introduction on how to use Word 2008 for the MAC. You will be given an Elementk account which will give you access to free online training that you can view at your leisure.


Learning how to create your Turnitin account and learn how you can post student work to find out if it is original or plagiarized material.

FrontPage to SharePoint Designer 2007

SharePoint Designer 2007 is the new FrontPage. You can edit your existing FrontPage sites in SharePoint Designer. Come and learn about the SharePoint Designer 2007 interface and how to build a simple site.

Intro WebCT/FDR

The FDR (Faculty Data Repository) is a web server and storage repository for academic content such as PDF's, PowerPoint's, and streaming media for Windows Media Player. Faculty also may use the FDR server to store their private files for use on and off campus. The FDR server will be closely linked with our WebCT server and any future learning management system to supply storage for streaming audio and video content, image files and large PowerPoint presentations.

Using the FDR, faculty are able to upload and manage their own streaming content both on and off campus. In addition, the FDR can be used to make class materials now stored on the J-drive available to students from off campus locations. The security of streaming data and off-campus class materials can be further protected by requiring authentication with a RIC username and password in order to access the content. If you have already registered for this workshop, you will be provided with a FDR account.

You will be shown how upload one of the WebCT templates to your WebCT course. You will learn how to upload your PowerPoint presentations and your syllabus.

iClicker and Document Camera

Learn how to use the standard RIC response system (iClicker). You will learn how to create a course located on your flash drive, egister your students to your course, poll your students, and look at the reports. You will also be shown how to use the AverMedia document camera and how to store captured images form the camera.

How to Apply/Manage Word 2007 Styles

This workshop will show you how to create and modify Paragraph and Character Styles in Word 2003. Using styles will allow you to apply several formatting options in a single step. You will not need to spend hours making individual formatting changes to every paragraph and character to ensure consistency throughtout. Styles will streamline this process when you want to modify the look and feel of your content. For each paragraph or character associated to that style is automatically updated with your new formatting changes. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to create and apply styles as well as globally update your styles.

Applying Animation in PowerPoint 2007

Learn how to apply animation to your slides and individual items, such as images and bulleted text. You will be learning how to apply transitions as well as custom animation.

Inserting Audio & Video in PowerPoint 2007

Come and learn how to insert audio and video into your PowerPoint 2007 presentation. You will learn how to loop sound, use custom animation with two sound clips, insert your movie files (wmv), and much more.

Intro Movie Maker

Learn how to take a video file and edit it. You will be shown how to add transitions, callouts, audio, and audio. You will also learn how to split your video and how to finalize your video for a CD.

Intro OneNote 2007

OneNote 2007 allows you to store all your notes and research in your electronic notebook. You will learn the basics of how to use and manage your OneNote 2007 notebook(s) and how to share it out to others so that you all can collaborate. Are you using a Tablet? Come to this workshop and find out how to convert your handwriting to text.

Managing MS Outlook Calendars & Archiving

Do you want to learn more about how to create appointments in Outlook 2007? This workshop will teach you how to create appointments and then learn how to assign users to the appointment. You will be shown the scheduler to see users availability. You will also learn how to archive your email as to free up space on the mail server.

E-classroom Orientation

Are you teaching in a e-classroom this coming Spring semester for the first time? If so, you should plan to come to one of the e-classroom orientations. You will be shown how to use the equipment and how to gain access to the rooms. Some will be at the workshop answering faculty questions about the different types of e-classroom across the campus.

WebCT/FDT/Office 1-on-1

Are you looking to get some personalized training on WebCT, FDR, or Office 2007? If so, then you should plan on coming to one of the WebCT/FDR/Office 1-on-1 trainings. You will be able to sit down one-on-one with an instructor to get help in WebCT, FDR, or Office 2007. Are you looking to backup your Fall WebCT course(s) and move it over to your Spring WebCT course(s)? Come to this workshop and get the help that you're looking for.