Muster Rolls of H.M.SS. "Erebus" and "Terror"

From Richard J. Cyriax, Sir John Franklin's Last Arctic Expedition,

Collated with the original rolls,

ADM 38/672 and ADM 38/1962, Public Record Office, London



HMS Erebus


Sir John Franklin, Captain, Commanding the Expedition

James Fitzjames, Commander

Graham Gore, Lieutenant

H.T.D. Le Vesconte, Lieutenant

James Walter Fairholme, Lieutenant

Robert Orme Sergeant, Mate

Charles Frederick Des Voeux, Mate

Edward Couch, Mate

Henry Foster Collins, Second Master

James Reid, Ice Master

Stephen Samuel Stanley, Surgeon

Harry D.S. Goodsir, Assistant Surgeon

Charles Hamilton Osmer, Purser

Warrant Officers

John Gregory, Engineer

Thomas Terry, Boatswain

John Weekes, Carpenter

Petty Officers

John Murray, Sailmaker, age 43

William Smith, Blacksmith, age 28

Thomas Burt, Armorer, age 22

James W. Brown, Caulker, age 28

Francis Dunn, Caulker's Mate, age 25

Thomas Watson, Carpenter's Mate, age 40

Samuel Brown, Boatswain's Mate, age 27

Richard Wall, Ship's Cook, age 45

James Rigden, Captain's Coxwain, age 32

William Bell, Quartermaster, age 36

Daniel Arthur, Quartermaster, age 35

John Downing, Quartermaster

Robert Sinclair, Captain of the Foretop, age 25

John Sullivan, Captain of the Maintop, age 28

Phillip Reddington, Captain of the Forecastle, age 28

Joseph Andrews, Captain of the Hold, age 35

Edmund Hoar, Captain's Steward, age 23

John Bridgens, Subordinate Officers' Steward, age 26

Richard Aylmore, Gunroom Steward, age 24

William Fowler, Purser's Steward, age 26

John Cowie, Stoker

Thomas Plater, Stoker

Able Seamen

George Thompson, age 27

John Hartnell, age 25

John Stickland, age24

Thomas Hartnell, age23

William Orren, age34

William Closson, age25

Charles Coombs, age28

John Morfin, age25

Charles Best, age23

Thomas McConvey, age24

Henry Lloyd, age26

Thomas Work, age41

Robert Ferrier, age29

Josephus Geater, age32

Thomas Tadman, age28

Abraham Seeley, age34

Francis Pocock, age24

Robert Johns, age24

William Mark, age24

Royal Marines


David Bryant, Sergeant, age31

Alexander Pearson, Corporal, age30

Robert Hopcraft, Private, age38

William Pilkington, Private, age28

William Braine, Private, age31

Joseph Healey, Private, age29

William Reed, Private, age28


George Chambers, age18

David Young, age18



HMS Terror



Francis Rawden Moira Crozier, Captain

Edward Little, Lieutenant

George Henry Hodgson, Lieutenant

John Irving, Lieutenant

Frederick John Hornby, Mate

Robert Thomas, Mate

Giles Alexander McBean, Second Master

Thomas Blanky, Ice Master

John Smart Peddie, Surgeon

Alexander McDonald, Assistant Surgeon

E.J. Helpman, Clerk in Charge

Warrant Officers

James Thompson, Engineer

John Lane, Boatswain

Thomas Honey, Carpenter

Petty Officers

Thomas Johnson, Boatswain's Mate, age 28

Alexander Wilson, Carpenter's Mate, age 27

Reuben Male, Captain of the Forecastle, age 27

David McDonald, Quartermaster, age 45

John Kenley, Quartermaster

William Rhodes, Quartermaster, age 31

Thomas Darlington, Caulker, age 29

Samuel Honey, Blacksmith, age 22

John Torrington, Leading Stoker, age 19

John Diggle, Cook, age 36

John Wilson, Captain's Coxwain, age 33

Thomas R. Farr, Captain of the Maintop, age 32

Harry Peglar, Captain of the Foretop, age 37

William Goddard, Captain of the Hold, age 39

Cornelius Hickey, Caulker's Mate, age 24

Thomas Jopson, Captain's Steward, age 27

Thomas Armitage, Gun-room Steward, age 40

William Gibson, Subordinate Officers' Steward, age 22

Edward Genge, Subordinate Officers' Steward, age 21

Luke Smith, Stoker, age 27

William Johnson, Stoker, age 45

Able Seamen

George J. Cann, age 23

William Strong, age 22

David Sims, age 24

John Bailey, age 21

William Jerry, age 29

Henry Sait, age 23

Alexander Berry, age 32

John Handford, age 28

John Bates, age 24

Samuel Crispe, age 24

Charles Johnson, age 28

William Shanks, age 29

David Leys, age 37

William Sinclair, age 30

Goerge Kinnaird, age23

Edwin Lawrence, age 30

Magnus Manson, age 28

James Walker, age 29

William Wentzall, age 33

Royal Marines

Solomon Tozer, Sergeant, age 34

William Hedges, Corporal, age 30

William Heather, Private, age 37

Henry Wilkes, Private, age 28

John Hammond, Private, age 32

James Daly, Private, age 30


Robert Golding, age 19

Thomas Evans, age 18