Microphotograph of the Arctic Council

Manufactured by John Benjamin Dancer

From the collection of Dan Weinstock

This image, manufactured by the noted nineteenth-century Manchester (England) optician/microscope maker/ and inventor of microphotographs, John Benjamin Dancer, is based on the 1851 painting by Stephen Pearce ( commissioned by Col. John Barrow, a Secretary at the Admiralty, and now in the National Portrait Gallery in London) entitled: "The Arctic Council Discussing the Plan of Search for Sir John Franklin." Depicted on the Pearce painting and Dancer's microscopic photographic slide image are Captain Bird, Sir Charles Ross, Sir John Richardson, Barrow and six others reviewing charts and plans around a table. An engraving of this painting was also published in 1853.


This image shows Dancer's photograph of the Pearce painting, which he reduced and fitted onto the microphotograph shown above.

With thanks to Dan Weinstock for the images and historical background on this slide!