The Frozen Zone:

Sites Associated with Sir John Franklin's Last Expedition


In April of 2004, I was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of a forthcoming documentary about the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Sir John Franklin. As part of the project, I travelled to several places associated with the Franklin saga, including King William Island and Beechey Island. The photographs which follow give, I hope, both some sense of the tremendous remoteness and beauty of these places, as well as a view of how sites associated with Franklin appear today.


King William Island -- "Kikituq"


The hamlet of Gjoa Haven


Interior of a large snow-house, Gjoa Haven


King William Island -- to the West of Gjoa Haven


The Stones of King William Island


Beechey Island


Graves of Franklin's men, Beechey Island


Grave of John Torrington, Beechey Island


Hills on Cornwallis Island above Resolute Bay


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All Images Copyright 2004, Russell A. Potter


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