Songs and ballads about Sir John Franklin

There are many songs and ballads about the tragic fate of the Franklin Expedition.  The earliest, "Lord Franklin," dates to the 1850's and has dozens of variant versions; the best-known of these was recorded by Martin Carthy in the early 1960's,  but there are many variants of this ballad's lyrics, as well as other ballads and songs.  The melody of "Lord Franklin" has also been used by other songwriters, most notably by Bob Dylan for "Bob Dylan's Dream."  Look below for links to lyrics, images, and (where available) sounds.



"Lord Franklin" (the usual, Martin Carthy version)

"Lady Franklin's Lament" (A longer version)

"A Ballad of Sir John Franklin," from  Sartain's Magazine, May 1850

"Northwest Passage," by the late great Stan Rogers


"Bob Dylan's Dream" (Bob Dylan) -- read lyrics or listen on YouTube

"Jamie's Secret" (David Wilcox)

"Cut by Wire," lyrics by Geoff Bartley and John Gorka. The song appears on Geoff's album One Kind Word and has also been recorded by Mary Black on her recent CD, Speaking With the Angel..

Other Franklin Tunes

"The Frozen Man" (James Taylor)