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​​Submitting a Sign Request

To submit a sign request, please direct all requests through the office of Facilities & Operations by visiting and log in using your network ID and password or email to A work order will be placed for you with the information provided. All sign requests must be on a work order and need to be entered two weeks prior to event date. All campus sign requests must be submitted through Department and have Department Head approval.

Be sure to include the following information in your email request:

  • Department, contact name and telephone number
  • Event Date & Time:
  • Signage Description: (include template/ examples)
  • Additional Information:

Materials Costs
Standard Sign 12"x18" $6.00
Standard Sign 18"x24" $10.00
Standard Sign 24"x36" $12.00
Small Sandwich Board (Double-sided) 24"x18" $20.00
Large Sandwich Board (Double-sided) 36"x24" $25.00
Standard Banner 96"x30" $40.00
Standard Banner 96"x48" $50.00
Custom Signage TBD

Please contact our office if you have any questions about signage costs and/or custom signage.


Daniel Gannon
Signage Coordinator
(401) 456-8262 (Main Office) ​​

Page last updated: February 12, 2020