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Undergraduate Programs to Choose From

Elementary Education B.A. Choose one of the content majors. You can teach grades 1-6 as an elementary school teacher. You may add the Middle School Endorsement and teach grades 5-8 as a content teacher in middle school.
Elementary Education B.S. Choose this option if you want to add Special Education certification. This option may take you longer than 4 years, because RIDE requires two separate student teaching experiences.
Early Childhood B.S. Choose from two concentrations: Concentration in Teaching (PK-2 certification) or Concentration in Community Programs

Admission Requirements

Special department requirements for FSEHD ELED admission: Completion of MATH 143, BIOL 100, and POL 201 with a grade of C or higher.

Special department requirements for FSEHD ECED admission: Completion of MATH 143 with a grade of C or higher.

For admission requirements, click here.

Retention Requirements

  1. A minimum overall grade point average of 2.50 each semester.
  2. A minimum grade of B- in ELED 300, or ELED/SPED 302, or ECED 301, and recommendation to continue from the instructor.
  3. A minimum grade of B- in all other professional courses, and a recommendation to continue from the instructors. Courses in the department may be repeated once with a recommendation to retake from the previous instructor.
  4. A minimum GPA in all content courses offered in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
  5. Students accepted into the Department of Special Education and the Department of Elementary Education must maintain concurrent retention in both departments.

Records of students who do not maintain good standing or who receive a Recommendation to Continue with Concerns are reviewed by the departmental retention committee. Students may be dismissed from the program. Appeal of a decision to dismiss a student is made to the dean of the Feinstein School of Education and Human Development.

Other Information

Page last updated: May 12, 2016