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Faculty Rights and Responsibilities

Faculty members have the following rights:

  • Determine the content of each course and how it is taught.
  • Decide how to best instruct students and assess student learning.
  • Consult with knowledgeable professionals on methods to accommodate the learning needs of students with disabilities.
  • Right to be informed of accommodation needs in each semester, to be able to support students with disabilities.
  • Maintain academic standards of courses.
  • Question and negotiate specific accommodations to ensure that they will not change essential requirements of course.
  • Right to award grades appropriate to the level of student's mastery of course material.
  • Be treated respectfully by all students.

Faculty members have the following responsibilities:

  • Reasonably accommodate students who provide Request for Reasonable Accommodation letters from the Disability Services Center.
  • Refer to the Disability Services Center students who request accommodations for a disability, but do not provide Request for Reasonable Accommodation letters from the Disability Services Center.
  • Maintain student confidentiality by not asking for specific information regarding a student's disability.
  • Understand policies and law regarding students with disabilities.
  • Sign accommodation letters from Disability Services in a timely manner.
  • Understand that some behaviors are not related to disability, and that there is no obligation to treat these students differently than any other.
  • Enforce Rhode Island College Student Handbook policies equally for all students.
  • Contact the Disability Services Center (456-8061) whenever there is a question regarding a reasonable accommodation.​

Page last updated: May 09, 2016