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Continuing Education Course and CEU Registration

​​Please Note: All continuing education courses have restricted enrollment.  These courses have been created in cooperation with on- and off-campus partners for targeted populations. 

Registrants interested in standard course offerings and regular course registration should follow the link to MyRIC, the College’s online registration system.

Many standard courses are appropriate for and available to nondegree students seeking general continuing education. Please contact the Office of Professional Studies and Continuing Education if you need information or assistance.

Registration Instructions

Complete the Registrant Information and Course Registration sections.

Payment Information

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will be billed by, and payment must be made to, the RI College Bursar’s Office. The Payment Information section should be used only by those registrants whose tuition will be paid by a third party agency or business.  If you will not be using third party payment, please disregard the Payment Information section of the registration form and continue directly to the Form Submission instructions when your course and personal information are complete.

Form Submission

  1. Please print a copy of your registration request before submitting your form.
  2. Click 'Submit' after you have printed a copy of your form.

Registration for multiple courses is possible; however, you must submit a separate form for each course. ​​​

Page last updated: July 18, 2017