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Master Plan 2010-2020

Master Plan Campus Map

In the fall of 2009, Saratoga Associates was selected by Rhode Island College (RIC) to prepare a Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan that would serve as a "framework" for planning for the period from 2010 - 2020.

The college's objective was to develop a comprehensive master plan that covers selective aspects of site and facility planning for the period of 2010 - 2020.

The plan supports the following:

  • Board approval and fundraising
  • A guide for future site development
  • Facililties assessment, utilization, scheduling and priority setting

The RIC Master Plan was developed to generate ideas and enthusiasm for the future based on the following:

  • The plan was developed for a ten-year time frame for the period 2010 - 2020.
  • The plan supports RIC's vision statement, core values, goals, objectives, mission statement and strategic plan.
  • Energy and sustainability were a significant focus of the planning effort. State-of-the-art thinking on sustainability issues and concepts for the campus were developed.
  • The plan provides a "vision" that clearly defines the identity of RIC and "sense of place."
  • A comprehensive process for gathering and integrating information from the college community utilized an on-site master planning "charrette."
  • Web-based information related to the master plan process played an important role in the communication of ideas to the college community.
  • The plan recommendations and concepts were linked to the 2012 - 2016 Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).
  • The master plan concepts for landscape and architecture create a harmonious campus environment.
  • The facilities assessment involved 30 buildings. Information was developed at a master plan level to determine order of magnitude costs related to site infrastructure and building systems.
  • The plan was coordinated with ongoing college projects for the Dining Center, Recreation Center and Art Center.

Final Report

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