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While, indeed, there are both philosophical and operational differences in the manner they conduct the business of law enforcement, Campus Police Officers are empowered with the same responsibilities, obligations and authority as that which is given to all police officers within the State of Rhode Island, and are empowered to make arrests both with and without a warrant. The only difference between the two levels of law enforcement officer is the absence of firearms being carried on duty by RIC Campus Police Officers.

No community is entirely devoid of crime, and ours is no exception. Campus Police take every measure possible to insure that a safe, caring, and violence free environment exists for the benefit of the entire Rhode Island College community.

Campus Police Officers issue traffic summons which are payable to the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal. These summons may be handled, mostly, by mailing your copy of the summons and the indicated fine to the address shown on the summons before the court date. You are reminded that a court-ordered warrant for your arrest may be issued if you do not appear and your license to operate a vehicle may be suspended for non-payment of fines.

If you feel uncomfortable about traveling on campus after or during certain hours, you should contact the Campus Police at Ext. 8201 and an effort will be made to have an officer assist you to your destination on campus. We cannot provide you an escort to off-campus locations.

At any time you feel that a situation is out of the ordinary or may involve criminal or improper behavior, you should contact the Campus Police at Ext. 8201. Explain the circumstances to the officer on the phone and a police officer will be sent to investigate or help with your particular problem.

While we stress the importance that you must bear the responsibility for making sure you remove your keys from your car, or take them with you when you leave your room or office, Campus Police will, as available, assist in getting into your room or office. You should obtain a membership with AAA for services related to towing or lockouts. Please be advised, however, that you must have proper identification. Depending upon the time of day or night, and the urgency of other matters, there may be a delay in responding to your call. If you are locked out of your room, you MUST CONTACT YOUR RESIDENT ASSISTANT BEFORE CALLING CAMPUS POLICE

We recognize that not all contacts with Campus Police will be considered amicable. Persons who believe that an impropriety exists in the manner in which police services were rendered may contact the Office of the Chief of Police at Ext. 8522. Please feel confident that all complaints are fully investigated and, where warranted, proper and appropriate personnel action taken.

Unfortunately, while all campus departments are urged to do so, not all found property is turned in to Campus Police. You may call 24 hours a day at Extension 8201 to try to determine if your item has been turned in to us. Another place to check would also be the main office area for the building you believe the item was lost in. The Student Union also maintains a lost-and-found at the Welcome and Information Center. In all cases, however, you should file a Lost Property report with Campus Police.

Departmental policy prohibits us from using police vehicles to jump start other vehicles. We have two jumper packs which are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis. You must come to Campus Police and present a valid driver's license, which will be returned to you when the jumper pack is brought back.

Page last updated: October 19, 2016