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Compliment and Complaint Procedure

The Campus Police Department expects a very high degree of professional conduct from all personnel, and officers frequently perform their duties in a manner exceeding the highest standards set by the department, having earned commendations for their services both on-campus and in the surrounding community. We encourage community members to take the time to write or call the department and ask for a supervisor. Offer your personal thoughts which will be conveyed to the Chief of Police and then, formally, to the officer themselves.

While we constantly strive to improve the quality of police services, we also recognize that all contacts with Campus Police may not be amiable. The department’s Office of Professional Standards and Training will accept and investigate all complaints of officer misconduct. Following a thorough examination of the available factual information, a finding is made that will either sustain the complaint, at which time corrective or disciplinary action will take place, or exonerate the officer involved.

Both compliments and complaints may be directed to the Director/Chief of Police, the Asst. Director/Deputy Chief, or any Police Supervisor. Although phone calls are welcome, we would encourage community members to fill out the form and either submit by email​, fax at (401) 456-8211, in person – or by mail – at the following address:

Rhode Island College Campus Police Department
Welcome Center, East Entrance
600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Providence, R.I. 02908-1991

In addition, Compliment/Complaint forms can be obtained at the Office of Community, Equity & Diversity, located at Roberts Hall 301.​

Page last updated: December 20, 2019