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Information for Prospective Transfer Students

This page provides information for (prospective) transfer students considering a major/minor within the School of Business.

Within the School of Business, students can major or minor in the following areas. 

In addition to these, students can minor in International Business as well. There is information on the website on each of these programs and the courses to take if majoring or minoring in one of these areas. Please follow the links to learn more about each program.

These majors/minors are grouped under four separate departments/programs.

Dr. Karim is the Dean of the School of Business and she can provide general information on the programs within the School.

Dr. Weiss is the Chair for the Accounting Department and she can answer questions on the Accounting major/minor.

Dr. Saatcioglu is the Chair for the Economics and Finance Department as well as the faculty contact for the International Business minor. He can provide more information on those majors/minors. 

Dr. Milbourne is the Chair for the Management and Marketing Department, and she can help with specific questions on Marketing and/or Management majors/minors. 

Dr. Raimondo is the Program Director for the Health Care Administration Program and she can provide more information for students interested in pursuing a major/minor in HCA.

All business majors at Rhode Island College go through the general education program. Please follow the link to find more information about the general education program as well as a list of the courses. 

All business majors take the introductory courses in each of the business areas as well. In other words, all business majors take:

All business majors also take the following cognates:

  • CIS 252 (Introduction to Information Systems)
  • ENGL 230 (Workplace Writing)
  • MATH 177 (Quantitative Business Analysis I)
  • MATH 248 (Business Statistics I)

If you’re interested in an undergraduate degree in business in general but don’t know yet what attracts you, you could start out as an Exploring Business student. As you take courses in each area and discover your true calling, it’s easy enough to switch to one of the existing majors. All you need to do is to email the respective chair for the major/minor you’d like to choose. Of course, if you already know what interests you, you can choose that path from the start.

Finally, here is the RIC transfer course equivalency lists. Just choose the institution you’re transferring from to see the list that applies to you. This might be especially useful if you’re in your last semester at your institution and planning ahead to take courses that will count toward your degree at Rhode Island College after your transfer.

Coming in with as many of the cognates as possible, and especially MATH 177 and MATH 248 will help you quickly progress into the courses in your selected major/minor.

For general information regarding the transfer process, please visit the RIC Transfer Students page.

We look forward to welcoming you to the School of Business at RIC. Please reach out to the program chairs/directors if you’d like to learn more about those programs.

Page last updated: December 22, 2020