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What Students Say About Us

"The professors in the management department at RIC are the best. They are always there when you need them, whether it be personal or academic. They are always there."

Allison Pepper
B.S. Management '04
"Outstanding...these professors are excellent at practicing what they teach...customer service A+++"

Jared Leduc
B.S. Management '04
"Rhode Island College is the college of my choice because not only does it offer the classes to accomplish my master's degree, it is also affordable and a school which helps in any way possible to get the classes offered that are required!"

Monette Patrie
B.S. Accounting '93
M.P.Ac. '05
"The time I spent at Rhode Island College was a superb experience for me in many ways. Most importantly, my accounting education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels was provided by top-notch professors who had a genuine interest in equipping me with the skill sets that I needed both to survive and achieve in the business world after graduation."

Nathan Paquet
B.S. Accounting '99
M.P.Ac. '04
"I found out by experience that the School of Management has outstanding professors who go the extra mile to inspire not only basic academic skills and competency but also necessary character and attitude that make students succeed through their future endeavors...."

Tajudeen Olamuylwa
B.S. Computer Information Systems '05
"My experience as an undergraduate at Rhode Island College led me to pursue my master's degree at Rhode Island College, and I have not been disappointed. They have been very helpful in guiding me through the program and assisting with class scheduling. I also value the professors selected to teach the courses, as they integrate their career experiences into the class material."

Debbie Cavalho
B.S. Accounting '99
M.P.Ac. '05

Page last updated: December 04, 2015