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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Study Business And Economics At RIC?

Our faculty members are dedicated to teaching and working with you, and our classes are small being limited to 30 students. Our technology and facility which go on line in spring, 2005 are state of the art, and you will use the technology in your class room experiences. The coursework you undertake requires writing and oral communication skills which coupled with technology give you the needed background to succeed in most any endeavor. Lastly, our internship program, while not a requirement, is highly regarded by both our students and employers.

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Can You Suggest The Best Way In High School To Prepare For Studying Business And Economics At RIC?

A high school college preparatory program will provide the necessary background to succeed. Still, we recommend that students engage in elective coursework that involves significant writing experiences and coursework that enhances mathematical reasoning skills.

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Can I Expect To Graduate In Four Years?

Yes, you can. Entering freshmen are assigned an advisor, and your degree requirements are clearly mapped out. Transfers from the Community College of Rhode Island should follow the Transfer Agreement to insure they stay on target.

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Just In Case, Do You Offer Summer School?

Yes, we do.

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Is There A Night Program?

We offer most of our courses with night sections. There is no separate night program, but students who need to work during the day and go to school at night have that option.

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Is There An Honors Program?

Yes, there is. For details, see the appropriate departments.

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Are There Opportunities To Earn Awards For High Performance In Academics?

Yes. Each year senior student awards at Cap & Gown Ceremony are given. They are the John Silva Memorial Award in management, the Wall Street Journal Award in economics or finance, and the Dean's Outstanding Student Awards in accounting, computer information systems, and marketing. We have scholarships, as well, in fields of study such as the David Harris Scholarship in Human Resource Management and the Epsilon Pi Tao Scholarship in Operations Management.

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Can I Declare A Major Offered In The School Of Management When Accepted Into Rhode Island College?

Yes you can. You can declare a major on the application itself, declare during Summer Orientation, or you can visit the Office of Records, Office of Academic Support and Information Services (OASIS), or the School of Management Office of the Dean, Alger 203, after you arrive on campus. If you visit the Dean's Office, you can be assigned an advisor at the same time.

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How Do I Apply For Undergraduate Admission?

You may email Admissions at or write to Admissions at Rhode Island College, 600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, Providence, RI 02908.

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Page last updated: December 04, 2015