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School of Business

​Code of Integrity, Responsibility, and Ethical Behavior

All members of the School of Business community are expected to adhere to Rhode Island College policies and Rhode Island state laws which address appropriate behavior and professional conduct including, but not limited to, the Rhode Island Board of Education Personnel Policy Manual, the Rhode Island Whistleblower’s Protection Act, the Rhode Island College Statement of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action, the Rhode Island College Faculty Handbook, the Rhode Island College Student Code of Conduct, and the Rhode Island College Student Handbook. Furth​er, the School of Business mission statement provides commitments to “integrity and leading by principled example in everything we do” and “appreciation for diverse ideas and individual differences.”​

All members of the School of Business community are expected to be committed to ethical, responsible, professional behavior in their interactions with all internal and external stakeholders including, but not limited to, students, faculty, administrative and support staff, prospective students and their families, alumni, employers, accreditation agencies, government agencies, donors, corporate partners, news media, and any other members of the public who have an interest in the School of Business. This expectation encompasses honesty in dealing truthfully and in good faith with others; respect for others, their opinions, and for the physical environment and facilities of the campus; and a commitment to the principles and ideals of equity, diversity, inclusion, and community.

Any alleged breaches of this code should be reported accordingly. Alleged beaches on the part of students should be reported to both the Dean of Students and Dean of the School of Business. Alleged breaches on the part of any employee should be reported to the employee’s immediate supervisor.​

Page last updated: October 16, 2019