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Construction to Parking Lot E10
East Campus, Rhode Island College

Based on community feedback, we are currently revising this plan and will present options to the community at the neighborhood meeting on Monday, October 30. Check back soon for the revised design!

The neighborhood meeting, which will provide an update on parking lot improvements and the opportunity to vote on fencing options, has been rescheduled for Monday, November 27, from 6 – 7 p.m. in Gaige Hall 200 at Rhode Island College.

Also, plan to attend one of the community review sessions​ for RIC’s new Master Plan for your chance to ask questions and give feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose for the construction on the eastern part of campus?

Rhode Island College has experienced record enrollments over the last few years. The college continues to face constraints as it relates to parking due to the high number of commuter students. Additionally, when the eastern campus was originally constructed, little to no storm drainage was installed. As a result, water runoff and flooding in college buildings has been a consistent problem. The enhancements to lot E10 will include an additional 117 parking spots as well as newly installed storm water drainage.

Does the college have a new campus master plan?

RIC is in the process of developing a new master plan that will be fully vetted by the RIC community, outside constituents, and the cities of Providence and North Providence. A final version of the master plan is scheduled to be presented in the spring of 2018.

Does the college intend to share the master plan with the local community?

Yes. President Sánchez and his administration are committed to ensuring complete transparency of the college’s plans. The college will share a draft of the master plan with local communities in conjunction with their respective planning departments for feedback.

Is the E10 parking lot a part of the college master plan?

Rhode Island College’s 2010 master plan represents the E10 parking lot in its current state. Enhancements to the parking lot will be included in the updated master plan (see above).

Who will the newly expanded parking lot be used by?

The E10 parking lot will a be general purpose parking lot. Faculty and staff are anticipated to comprise the greatest volume of users. To alleviate usage beyond normal business hours, the college will designate parking spots closest to the property line as employee only.

Will the access point located on Sheffield Ave be used as an entrance or exit for vehicles​?

No. The college is working with the cities of Providence and North Providence to eliminate the gate entirely.

A number of trees have been cut down or pruned. Why?

The college arborist recently conducted an assessment of all campus trees. The assessment was initiated due to limbs and trees becoming hazards during storms or high winds. To ensure the safety of our students, faculty, staff and community, the college is removing those trees identified to be hazardous. The college plans to replace trees slated for removal.​​​​

What is RIC doing about the rodents in the area as a result of construction?

  • Rhode Island College facilities staff has reviewed the rodent control measures taken by contractors and requested that they increase the number of baited traps located within the project zone.
  • We have instructed contractors to monitor until the pest problem is under control.
  • We have also increased inspections for burrows in and around all area of construction. Any burrows identified will be abated.
  • Rhode Island College has retained a pest control contractor to conduct a walk-through of the north side property line fence from North Providence and Providence. As of November 2, the contractor reported no evidence of a rodent infestation. Click here to see the report.​

We will continue to follow up on this issue and post updates here.

​​How is RIC addressing the concerns over the lighting fixtures in the parking lot?

To address lighting concerns, RIC will install LED light poles that curve out and downward, ensuring light is dispersed away from residential properties. In addition, we will install light shields and motion sensors for the benefit of abutting residential properties. Light shields will prevent any light from being directed towards residential properties. Light sensors will lower the lighting to 30 percent during times when there is no activity.

We want to hear from you! Send your feedback, questions or comments to RIC Building Futures or call 456-8840​.​​​​​​​

Page last updated: November 28, 2017