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Certificate of Graduate Studies (C.G.S.) in Modern Biological Sciences

This curriculum provides for advanced study of the biological sciences and their application in the laboratory. Designed to be completed in one year of full-time study, the program consists of 15-17 credit hours that include required and elective graduate-level course work as well as research experience.

Admission Requirements

  • A completed application form accompanied by a fifty-dollar nonrefundable application fee
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate records
  • A bachelor's degree in biology or related science including courses in genetics and cellular/molecular biology
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale in undergraduate course work.

Course Requirements

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This program is eligible for financial aid in the form of student loans.*

Note: This is not a degree program; it is a certificate program. ​Candidates who are interested in a graduate degree should investigate the M.A. program in Biology.​​​​​​​​​​

Program Goals

A student who completes a Certificate of Graduate Study in Modern Biological Sciences will have research experience and written communication skills in a specific area of biology, will demonstrate advanced knowledge through graduate-level course work, and be prepared for the rigors of professional programs.

Students will:

  1. Acquire research skills.
  2. Demonstrate graduate level expertise in course work. 

Page last updated: January 24, 2020