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Biology Awards

Summary of the Awards offered to Biology Students

Requirements for consideration Mary Keefe Scholarship Fund Theodore Lemeshka
Memorial Fune
Christina Carlson Fund Earl H. Webster
General Purpose of award Recognize junior biology major & encourage continued excellence Recognize senior biology major for achievements Recognize senior biology major for achievements & outstanding research potential Allow student to pursue study or research in Biology or Med. outside of RIC
GPA requirement RIC CUM: >3.0
BIO courses: >3.5
Physical Science: >3.0
RIC CUM > 3.0
>3.5 for:
CHM 103/104, BIO 331 BIO 335, BIO 348
NONE BIO and Phys Sci CUM >
# of credits completed 48-59 of RIC credit Senior status (>84) Graduating Senior > 20 in Biology or MA candidate with 10 credits
Other criteria Student statement of intent for continued study and career choice in biology NONE Must have performed research in biology Documented commitment to pursue career in Biology or Medicine
Faculty nomination/
evaluation required
Faculty of 1 of the courses listed above must evaluate the leadership potential of students who meet academic criteria
Letter describing credentials
Date nomination/
evaluation of proposal due
Statement due November 1st February 1st February 1st February 1st
Proposal required   NO NO YES 
for advanced course preparation or research
When awarded Holiday party in December Cap and Gown ceremony Cap and Gown ceremony Varies
Amount Varies Varies (generally ~$200) Varies (generally ~$200) Varies

Descriptions of the Award/ Funds:

Adobe PDFMary Keefe Scholarship Fund

Adobe PDFTheodore Lemeshka Memorial Fund

Adobe PDFChristina Carlson Fund          

Adobe PDFEarl H. Webster Fellowship   

DiLibero and Matsumoto Funds

Departmental Student Awards

Table of Awards and Requirements

Biology Awards FAQs

Mary M. Keefe Scholarship Fund

Theodore H. Lemeshka Memorial Fund

W. Christina Carlson Fund

Earl H. Webster Scholarship​​

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