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​Honey at RIC

How do humans collect honey? 

A comb is removed from the hive carefully by a beekeeper. The comb is scraped with a heat knife to remove the whitish seal that the bees layered over the honey. This will open the cells up to allow the honey to be taken out. A special machine, called an extractor, is used to pull the honey from each of the honey comb cells. Once it is released, the honey will be strained through a screen to be sifted and collected.  

honeycomb jars of honey for sale honeycomb frame holder

How is honey used Rhode Island College?

College professors also began using the hives as part of their courses.  Dr. Towle-Weicksel visits the apiary with her Chemistry of Cooking course to learn about honey and its properties. The hives are open to all professors for educational activities. 

The honey is collected for the school's use at Donovan Dining​ hall and other campus events.

The Industrial Technology Department's Dr. Charlie McLaughlin and his students created a "Honeycomb Frame Holder" device to dispense pure, fresh, uncontaminated honey to guests.   ​

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Page last updated: April 16, 2019