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Gale Goodwin Gomez

Gale Goodwin Gomez Gaige Hall 148
(401) 456-9623

Academic Background

photo of anthropology artworkPh.D., M. Phil., Columbia University
M.A., TEFL certificate, American University
B.A., Florida Atlantic University

After completing bachelor's and master's degrees in linguistics and a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Dr. Goodwin Gomez relocated for two years to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, where she taught courses in English language and linguistics at the Universidad Nacional (National University of El Salvador). From there she moved to New York City to undertake her doctorate in anthropological linguistics at Columbia University. Her doctoral dissertation fieldwork was conducted among the Yanam, a sub-group of the Yanomami Indians, and she lived in Brazil for three years. This was the beginning of her continued scholarly interest, activism, and personal commitment to the Yanomami people of the Brazilian Amazon. Consequently, her research and professional activities focus around the Yanomami and their languages and culture, the protection of the Amazon and other rain forest environments, and the defense of indigenous rights throughout the world.

Courses Taught

ANTH 104: Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics
ANTH 325: Regional Studies in Cultural Anthropology: South American Indians
ANTH 410: Language and Culture
ANTH 460: Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 262 / HONR 264: Indigenous Rights and the Global Environment
ANTH 162 / HONR 163: Non-Western Worlds: Indigenous Peoples of Amazonia​

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