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​For Students / Anthropos

Student Organization: Anthropos

Anthropos is a student organization the Anthropology Club of RIC and has been active on campus for over two decades. We strive to share the amazing diversity of the four subfields of anthropology, linguistics, archaeology, cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology through various student-driven events. In the past, events have included trips to local natural history museums and undergraduate conferences, potlucks, movie nights, folk art/craft workshops, faculty/student dinners, annual clam bake, lectures on relevant topics, and various cultural celebrations like The Day of the Dead.

The officers for Fall 2016 are:

President: Peggy Desjarlais
Vice President: 
Alyssa Dubis
 Emile Reed
Treasurer: Taylor Ryan
 Peter Little

Meetings are held Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Faculty Lounge in Building 30.

Questions? Please contact: 

Peter Little
Peggy Desjarlais

Upcoming Events

Thank you for your interest and please check back for updates. Anthropos hopes to see any and all students interested in the study of humanity at their meetings and events.

Page last updated: March 28, 2016