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​Mentee Application Form

The Career Empowerment Opportunity (CEO) program focuses on preparing RIC students for post-college careers through personal and professional development. It provides alumni mentoring and coaching, soft-skill training, and networking opportunities within students’ fields of interest. The CEO program begins in February 2021 and runs through March 2022. It is open to current Juniors (between 60 and 89 completed credits) and/or students who anticipate graduating in May 2022. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required at the time of application submission and should be maintained throughout the program. We encourage anyone interested to apply! Our goal is to have the most diverse group of students possible.

Please fill out this form and submit it online. For more information about the program, contact Gus Cantwell, Alumni Engagement Coordinator, via email at or phone at (401) 456-4631. All applications will be reviewed by the CEO Committee and accepted students will be notified in December.

Page last updated: November 19, 2020