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For Students

Welcome! We hope these pages will serve as a reference for you.


This resource guide has been developed in response to student questions about college academic policies and procedures. While the answers exist in a number of places such as the catalog, course bulletins, web, or emails you receive, compiling this information in a single source may be more useful for you.

The goal is to help you successfully navigate your way to graduation and a degree from Rhode Island College. Having a common core of information can help you avoid stumbling blocks in your academic career.

What does it mean if you see or star on your MyRIC account?
How do you change your major?
Who advises you and when?

Find answers to these questions and more by download resource guide here​.

Special thanks to staff from the enrollment management unit (Admissions, Financial Aid, OASIS and Records) as well as faculty and administrators who contributed information and suggestions for topics.

This guide will require updates, revisions and additions over time. Please feel free to send me comments and suggestions as well as additional topics to be addressed.

Advising FAQs


Page last updated: February 22, 2019