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Class Cancellation / College Closing

Classes will be held at Rhode Island College except in cases of extreme emergency as determined by the President, following consultation with appropriate college officials.  In making such a determination, the President may consider such factors as the college’s ability to clear parking lots and walkways, official state-issued advisories regarding vehicular travel, actions of other area higher education institutions and local school districts, and the availability of public transportation, among other factors.

Should the President determine that conditions warrant cancellation of classes, said classes may be cancelled for the morning, afternoon, or evening time periods, or for a combination of two or more of those specific time periods.  Morning classes are defined as those beginning prior to 12:00 noon; afternoon classes are defined as those beginning from 12:00 pm through 3:59 pm; and evening classes are defined as those beginning from 4:00 pm through the remainder of the day.  In consideration of the commuting time necessary for many students, faculty, and staff, every effort shall be made to provide notification of cancellation at least three hours prior to the start of each time period.

A. Notification of class cancellation.

1. The Rhode Island College web,, will feature an announcement on the home page.

2. The message will be carried on the college’s recorded telephone announcement that may be accessed by calling (401) 456-9500.

Normally, the college web and the recorded telephone announcement will provide the most timely information on class cancellations.

Other sources of information include:

3. Local radio and television stations broadcast cancellation announcements through the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association consortium.  These announcements may be accessed directly from most major television and am and fm radio stations in the area.  Many broadcasters also post cancellation announcements on their web sites.

4. The announcement will also be carried on the college’s official institutional Facebook page.

5. A campus-wide email notification will be sent to all faculty and staff as well as to the college email address of all students registered for that semester.

6. A campus-wide voicemail will be sent to every voice mailbox throughout the campus system.

7. A text message will be sent through “RICalert,” the Rhode Island College Emergency Notification System.  RICalert text messages are sent to all cell phones and PDAs registered in the system.  Students, faculty, and staff may register for this service through MyRIC.

8. Anchor TV and RIC radio station WXIN will be notified by email.

B. Emergencies – information for students, parents, and the general public.

The college switchboard will remain staffed during the hours of 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (M-F/ E.S.T.)

1. Provision will be made to meet the dining needs of residence hall students.

2. During emergencies, regardless of whether or not classes are cancelled, other activities scheduled on campus may be cancelled.  Contact the sponsoring organization for information.

3. During any period of locally inclement weather that does not warrant college-wide cancellation of classes, a student unable to get to class shall be allowed, at the first opportunity, to make up any in-class examinations and to submit any assignments that require the student’s physical presence on the campus.

C. Emergencies – information for employees.

In the event of cancellation of classes, non-teaching employees are still expected to report to work.  Employees who are unable to report to work or complete their work schedule due to adverse weather conditions may, with the approval of their supervisor, utilize personal leave, annual leave, salary deferred pay, or leave without pay to compensate for their absence.
Parking lots K (Student Union loop), D (south of Roberts Hall) and E (south of the Art Center) will be given priority for clearing during snow emergencies resulting in class cancellation.  This is to facilitate access to the dining center for resident students and to provide a cleared parking area for non-teaching employees.

In extreme circumstances when the Governor officially orders a complete or partial shutdown of state services and/or orders the closure of state highways, the pay status of employees will be in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement or as agreed upon between the Board of Governors and the unions representing the several bargaining units.​​

Page last updated: November 13, 2019