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Faculty Resources

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Faculty Hiring


1 - Meeting Summary (Word)
2 - Sample Candidate Rating Form (Excel)
3 - Sample Candidate Rating Form (Word)
4 - Sample Reference Check Form (Word)
5 - Campus Interview Template (Word)
6 - Sample Campus Interview Feedback Form (Word)
7 - SubForm W9
8 - Check Request Form (Excel)

Faculty Life

Academic Policies and Procedures

Adjunct Faculty

Department Chairs

Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Facnews E-Mail Messages

  • Faculty or staff may send messages to the full-time and/or adjunct faculty through the Facnews account. This account is intended to disseminate information about academic activities that may be of interest to faculty and to highlight information that might otherwise be overlooked in the normal stream of information from the college. Please send potential messages to for distribution and indicate whether the message is for full-time or adjunct faculty or both.

Overload Request Form

Promotion and Tenure

Sabbatical Leaves


Academic Integrity

Assessment of Student Learning

Program Reviews


Advising Guide

Green Dot Faculty Toolkit on Violence Prevention


Curriculum Committee

Council of Rhode Island College


Committee on Faculty Scholarship

Office of Sponsored Programs

Reassigned Time Request

Supplemental Funding Request from Dean and VPAA

Page last updated: January 25, 2021