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Who Advises Me?

Academic advising is mandatory for all undergraduate degree candidates at RIC. Students starting their first semester at RIC (newly accepted and enrolled freshmen and transfers) will be advised at their respective orientation programs sponsored by the Office of Academic Support & Information Services (OASIS).

While you are an “exploring” major, OASIS will serve as your academic advisor

Each semester, the Records Office places an advising hold (UAD) via a service indicator symbol on your record prior to the registration period for the fall and spring semesters (it is not required for summer registration).

Currently enrolled undergraduates receive an email each semester from Records informing them to consult with their advisor to ensure course selection suitability and then to have the universal advising block removed. OASIS will appear as your advisor on your MyRIC page.

In September, you will need to make your advising appointment with OASIS to prepare for spring registration.  In February, make your advising appointment with OASIS to prepare for fall registration.  When you choose a major, you will then be assigned a faculty advisor in the department of your major.​​

Page last updated: December 10, 2015