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COVID-19 Updates

RIC student

Rhode Island College will be teaching, learning and working in a predominately remote environment as we start the academic year. We are deeply committed to maintaining our high quality, high value education while keeping our students, faculty and staff healthy and safe this coming academic year.

This website contains key elements of our plan. Yet, we are mindful that despite the many hours that have gone into developing our plan, things are sure to change. We will remain agile and flexible in our thinking in order to preserve the health and safety of our community.

We would like to take a moment to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to members of the campus planning team for their tireless effort and commitment in developing these plans. Their work is a testament of the college’s pledge to promote a healthy and safe environment and while delivering the highest quality experience for our campus community.

RIC COVID-19 Mitigation Guidance

Summer 2021

Campus Buildings

  • RIC buildings are closed to the public except for authorized events with the following exception:
  • Donovan Dining is open to campus guests
  • RIC buildings are open to students and faculty for approved classes
  • The Adams Library, Donovan Dining and the Rec Center are open to RIC students and employees (Rec Center for members only, see website for hours)
  • Other RIC buildings are open to RIC employees on limited basis with approval of appropriate VP or Provost, and AVP of Facilities and Operations

Masks (Camps must following specified guidance below.)

  • Through Sunday May 16, masks are required at RIC, indoors and outdoors
  • As of Monday May 17, masks are required indoors 
  • As of Monday May 17, masks are required outdoors if less than 3’ spacing


  • Limited in person classes with approval of Provost and Director of Health Services
  • 6’ distancing
  • Masks required
  • Other mitigation as may be required by Director of Health Services

Health Ambassadors will be located at select buildings

  • Library
  • Donovan
  • Alex & Ani

Daily Screening Email will be sent to

  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Summer dorm residents
  • Summer students 

Testing/Tracking (regardless of immunization status)

  • The RIC testing site will be operational this summer.  See website for hours & location
  • On campus summer students and students in face-to-face clinical placements should be tested 1/week
  • Summer residents must be tested 1/every 2 weeks, prefer weekly
  • Employees who are on campus at least one-half day/week should be tested weekly

Human Resources

  • To date, there has been no change to the DOA advisement to work from home if possible
  • Teleworking agreements are automatically extended until above advisement ends
  • Essential staff required to work on campus
  • No RIC sponsored international travel.  
  • RIC sponsored inter-state travel is limited per RIC’s current travel ban
  • Additionally, RIDOH has COVID-19 restrictions that must be followed for certain geographic areas


  • Virtual meetings strongly encouraged
  • No in-person meetings of student clubs or organizations
  • Must accommodate teleworking employees
  • If in person:
  • If possible, please limit to RIC faculty, staff and other state employees
  • 3’ distancing and masks required

Events – Short Duration: two days or less

  • If a RIC event, it must be approved by appropriate VP, Events and Conferences and Director of Health Services 
  • If a non-RIC sponsored event, it must be approved by Events and Conferences and Director of Health Services
  • Events will be limited to as few campus settings as possible
  • 3’ distancing 
  • Must submit participant contact information for any necessary contact tracing
  • No use of dorms

Seminars, Events – Longer Duration: greater than 2 days (e.g., multi-day/week academic program for high-schoolers, college aged individuals or adults)

  • If a RIC event, it must be approved by appropriate VP, Events and Conferences and Director of Health Services 
  • If a non-RIC sponsored event, it must be approved by Events and Conferences and Director of Health Services 
  • Events will be limited to as few campus settings as possible
  • 6’ distancing required inside, 3’ outside
  • Sponsoring entity must screen daily and record results
  • No use of dorms
  • Testing required at beginning of event and then 1/week (regardless of immunization status)
  • RIC testing available $20/per test

Youth Camps

  • Must be approved by Athletics or Events and Conferences, and Director of Health Services 
  • Guidance:  
  • No testing required 

Important COVID-19 Information and Resources

  • If you have an urgent health matter:
    • If you are a resident student, please contact Student Health Services at (401) 456-8055.
    • If you are a commuter student, faculty or staff please contact your Primary Care Physician, or in the case of an emergency dial 911. You may also call Student Health Services for support.
  • Students Living in the Residence Halls: 
    • If you are experiencing symptoms and require a COVID-19 test, please call Student Health Services at (401) 456-8055 to make an appointment. 
  • Asymptomatic Testing:
    • If you are part of RIC asymptomatic testing program (e.g., teach in-person classes, student athletes, clinical students, employees with customer-facing roles, etc.) you may be required to get tested once a week
    • Testing takes place in the Recreation Center on campus during the following days/times. Please bring current RIC ID card to the testing center.
      • Mondays – 9 a.m. – Noon
      • Tuesdays – 9 a.m. – Noon
      • Wednesdays – 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.
      • Thursdays – 9 a.m. – Noon
  • RIC Employees:
    • RIC employee with a COVID-19 related HR concern, please contact Human Resources at or call (401) 456-8216.
  • COVID-19 Reporting:
    • If you would like to fill out a COVID-19 report related to a visual/verbal screening please click here 
    • If you are a student or know of a student with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 please click here

Send us an email

Do you feel distressed or wish to speak with someone? Call the 24/7 Rhode Island College HOPE line: 401-456-HOPE (4673).

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Page last updated: May 13, 2021